Below is the Complete List of Services offered by Sans Gilmore

Estate Planning

My definition of Estate Planning is directly related to your goals and what you’d like to accomplish before you lose the ability to influence your quality of life. I really enjoy helping my client’s plan retirement, post retirement, and beyond. We have a lot of fun doing it too.


If you have family members that are vulnerable, you should discuss how a Guardianship can protect them from those that prey on the weak.


A Divorce, also known as a Dissolution of Marriage, is a legal process that officially ends the marriage. Believe it or not, some Divorces can be simple. But, I recommend you have an attorney help you through a divorce if there are minor children, you own a home, you have accrued pension benefits, or if one you inherited property during the marriage.

Legal Separation
A Legal Separation is everything that a Divorce is except the parties remain married. There are several reasons for obtaining a Legal Separation instead of Divorce. I recommend that anyone contemplating a Divorced also discuss a Legal Separation to make sure the legal action matches the client’s ultimate goals.
Community Property Agreements

A Community Property Agreement is an agreement between married people that turns the property each of the two acquired before the marriage into joint property. The creation of a Community Property Agreement can allow a person to avoid Probate, Guardianship, and the need for a Trust. It is good idea to discuss how a Community Property Agreement might be useful to your situation.

Child Support

Child Support is a very misunderstood aspect of every parent’s life. Married people never have to deal with Child Support but they support their children just the same. Couples that have minor children and that go through Divorce, Legal Separation, or Parentage actions all have to deal with Child Support. If you have to deal with Child Support, I recommend you have an attorney make sure the calculation has been done correctly.

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans are very interesting documents. I’ve been helping parents develop Parenting Plans for 25 years and every Plan requires some insight into logistics, child development, school schedules, etc. A well written Parenting Plan can allow parents and the child(ren) to get on with life. A poorly written Plan can make your life miserable.

Real Estate

I assist clients in purchasing, selling, renting, and leasing real estate. Buying your first home is a big deal. So is selling your home. Buying your first rental or renting the home you are turning into a rental is also a big deal. You should definitely consult with a lawyer who is also a landlord before becoming one yourself.

Landlord and Tenant Contracts

There are laws that govern the requirements of being a good Landlord and being a good Tenant. As you can imagine, a good Tenants pays their rent on time. And, a good Landlord fixes the toilet if it breaks. The combination of these laws and a well written Rental Agreement allows both the Landlord and the Tenant to know exactly what to do from the beginning to the end of a rental term.

Buying and Selling a Business

You may not know it, but businesses are bought and sold every day in Thurston County, Washington. The buyers sometime pay cash, finance through a bank or the Small Business Administration, or they may enter into a Seller Finance Agreement. If you finance through a bank or the SBA, these institutions will apply their rules and policies to protect themselves which effectively protects the transacting parties. Cash deals and seller financing deals are dangerous and I would recommend you have an attorney look over the agreement before signing.

Debt Collection and Debt Defense

Law firms that collect debts for individuals or businesses are regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Act (Federal and State). Debts should always be collected by a professional collector. Believe it or not, many people that do not owe debts are attacked by creditors and/or debt collectors all the time. I find it very satisfying to help anyone that does not owe a debt avoid such collection efforts.


Most people are familiar the idea that if the trial court decides against them that they have the right to Appeal their case to the next higher court. What most people are not familiar with is that there are several types of Appeals available depending on their situations. For instance, if you lose a case in District Court, you can Appeal to the Superior Court of the same County. If you lose your Administrative Law case, you can Appeal your case to the Superior Court (usually in Thurston County). Appeals are very expensive and the rules associated with Appeals are very complex so I would advise anyone considering an appeal to speak to an attorney that has Appeals as one of their practice focuses.


Most people really don’t understand what a Trust is or how to have a Trust be a part of their overall Estate Plan. I’ll be up front with you, not everyone needs a Trust. But, there are certain family situations and wealth levels that benefit from the extra time and effort it takes to elevate an Estate Plan with a Trust. If you have children or grandchildren under the age of 30, perhaps you should consider discussing how a Trust can be used.


Everyone thinks that Probate is something to be avoided. I believe in avoiding expensive Probate by dividing the work that needs to be done by the client (usually the Executor of the Estate) and the lawyer. I’ve developed certain efficiencies that allow client’s to avoid the potentially high costs of Probate.

Family Law

I call everything I do “Family Law” because everything I do affects a family. The kinds of legal actions that I include in Family Law are: Marriage Planning, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Community Property Agreements, Estate Planning, Adoption, Paternity, Parenting Plans, Child Support, Sale/Purchase of a Family Home, and Business Development.

Prenuptial Agreements

A Prenuptial Agreement is Estate Planning for a couple that are not already married. I am always impressed when I meet people that plan ahead and plan for various contingencies. Great planners discuss Prenuptial Agreements before they get married.


I don’t do the kinds of adoptions that you may have heard about on the news or seen depicted in the movies. I do Step-Parent Adoptions. Did you know that any adult can be adopted by any other adult? The typical adult adoption is a Step-Parent Adoption where the now adult child cooperates in their own adoption by their step-dad or step-mom.

Parentage or Paternity

All children deserve the benefit of having two parents. Parentage actions formally resolve any doubt as to which two people are a child’s two parents. The clear identity of who your parents are will help you in many ways including family health history (which is used to predict your health evolution and risks), inheritance rights, and basic heritage.


Parenting Plans, Child Support Orders, and Estate Plans all need to be reviewed as the underlying circumstances change. I have the opportunity to review a number of Parenting Plans, Child Support Orders, and Estate Plans every month. Major changes are rarely needed. However, minor changes usually optimize certain efficiencies and keep the underlying goals relevant.

Adverse Possession

I’ve represented quite a few clients that have gotten into a dispute with their neighbor as to where the property lines are. Settling such a dispute is called an Adverse Possession case.

Purchase and Sale

I assist buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial property. I help them in planning their transactions to helping them if any problems arise. I educate buyers and sellers on the subjects of excise taxes, liens, deeds, deeds of trust, escrow, titles, title insurance, etc.

Commercial Property Leases

A Commercial Lease is where a business rents space in an improved property that is zoned commercial for the purpose of operating a business at that location. The laws that govern residential Landlord & Tenant don’t apply directly to Commercial Leases. New businesses need to make sure that they are not getting in over their heads. Landlords need to make sure that the Tenant will actually operate the business that is described in the Lease. It takes an experienced attorney to help these clients avoid the problems that can happen when businesses space in a building. Parking spaces are a big deal!.


Not all attorneys are litigators. On the other hand, some lawyers file the law suit first and get around to settlement negotiations only after the case is filed and served. I believe that lawyers need to be ready to litigate if that becomes necessary, but I work with my clients to see if there is a less expensive and less time-consuming way of resolving the conflict at hand.


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